Design services

REDESIGN It will allow you to inform your potential clients about your activities and will provide the necessary contact information. Don’t confuse with one-page site. ORDERPrice: from 99$
PRINTING DESIGN Flyers, booklets, business and advertising cards, brochures, posters and other printing apart from the information load should bear an emotional load. Pitch an idea, convey the mood, get the maximum return in a short time at minimum cost- this is the main task of the advertising campaign. It isn’t an easy task for designers to choose the right style, colour scheme, format, make a composition and we cope with it perfectly! We create design for every taste, colour and occasion! he design in the printing industry is 50% of success in the advertising campaign. ORDERPrice: from 145$
LOGO CREATION Logo is a brand name, the main visual element identifying the company among others. It is the main component of the brand of the organization. The logo on the content can be text, signed or combined. This is a universal tool for positioning the company in the market of goods and services, because consumers remember visual images very well. The more the image is associated with an activity, the more likely it is to be remembered. It is necessary to make the logo evoke emotions, then success will come for sure! ORDERPrice: from 9$
CORPORATE DESIGN DEVELOPMENT Each developing organization sooner or later comes to the need to create their own corporate design. When developing the corporate design the main goal of the design is the individual development of elements that distinguish the company from other competitors, and their combination (colour, font, graphics) provides unity and recognition of the appearance of objects related to the customer’s company. The corporate design is a component of the company’s image, a strong argument in favor of competitors. ORDERPrice: from 29$
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ООО «ЮНИО Транс»
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Независимый Партнер Гербалайф.
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